Board & Committees

Board Members

Daniel J. Cole, MD, APSF President ([email protected])

APSF Newsletter Editorial Board

Steven B . Greenberg, MD, Editor ([email protected])

Jennifer Banayan, MD, Editor ([email protected])

Committee on Education and Training

Tetsu (Butch) Uejima, MD, Chair ([email protected])

Committee on Scientific Evaluation

Yan Xiao, PhD, Chair ([email protected])

Committee on Technology

Jeffrey M. Feldman, MD, Chair ([email protected])

APSF Grant Alumni Academy

Jeffrey B. Cooper, PhD, Co-Chair ([email protected])

Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA, Co-Chair ([email protected])

Corporate Advisory Council

Sara Moser, Director of Development, Chair ([email protected])

Social Media Ambassadors

Marjorie Stiegler, MD, Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy ([email protected])

Communications Team