Volume 3, No. 1 • Spring 1988

APSF Membership Procedure for ASA Members

Many ASA members have expressed some confusion as to how they can apply for or renew membership in the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) in light of the statement approved by the ASA House of Delegates encouraging ASA members to become dues paying members of APSF.

There is a simple procedure for ASA members to apply/renew their membership donation to the APSF. The Annual ASA Dues Statement contains a section which enables an ASA member to check-off his/her annual membership donation to Patient Safety and include it with the ASA dues payment. This method insures continuation of your existing APSF membership or establishes a new membership in your name if you have not joined previously.

The ASA dues statement shows Patient Safety with a pre-printed $2 5. 00 contribution amount. While we would like every ASA member to be at least a $25.00 member of APSF, we have found many ASA members have supported APSF with a larger donation, such as those Groups organized as Professional Corporations (P.C.), which contribute the Corporate Member donation of $500.00. To encourage this level of support,

ASA members wanting to make a larger donation need only to cross-out the pre-printed $25.00 contribution and enter next to it the amount of their donation.

Through the dues check-off mechanism, ASA members can assure their membership and annual support of APSF. However, if you have already paid your 1988 ASA dues but did not check off a contribution to APSF, you can still support the Foundation by filling out an APSF member application and returning it with your member donation. Copies of the application can be obtained by calling the APSF office at (312) 825-5586.