Corporate and Community Donors

Corporate Donors

Founding Patron ($340,000)

American Society of Anesthesiologists (

American Society of Anesthesiologists


2021 Corporate Advisory Council Members
(Current as of 9/1/2021)

Platinum Level ($50,000)

Acacia Pharma Inc. (
Fresenius KabiFresenius Kabi ( GE HealthcareGE Healthcare (
MasimoMasimo (

Gold Level ($30,000)

Blink Device Company
Blink Device Company
Edwards Lifesciences
Edwards Lifesciences

ICU Medical

MerckMerck Nihon Kohden America
Nihon Kohden America

Preferred Physicians Medical Risk Retention Group

Silver Level ($10,000)

Heron Therapeutics

Pall Corporation



Bronze Level ($5,000)




Frank Moya Educational Programs


Respiratory Motion, Inc.

Smiths Medical


Special recognition and thank you to:

Medtronic for their support and funding of the APSF/Medtronic Patient Safety Research Grant ($150,000), The Doctor’s Company Foundation for their support and funding of APSF Patient Safety Prototype Development Project ($100,000); and Merck for their educational grant.


For more information about how your organization can support the APSF mission and participate in the 2021 Corporate Advisory Council, go to: or contact Sara Moser at: [email protected].

Community Donors

(Specialty Organizations, Anesthesia Groups, ASA State Component Societies and Individuals)

Specialty Organizations

$5,000 to $14,999

American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants

$2,000 to $4,999

Society of Academic Associations of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

The Academy of Anesthesiology

$750 to $1,999

American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists

Intersurgical, Inc.

Society for Airway Management

Society for Pediatric Anesthesia

Anesthesia Groups

$15,000 and Higher

US Anesthesia Partners

$5,000 to $14,999

Associated Anesthesiologists, P.A.

North American Partners in Anesthesia

NorthStar Anesthesia



$2,000 to $4,999

Madison Anesthesiology Consultants, LLP

$750 to $1,999

Anesthesia Associates of Columbus, P.A.

Anesthesia Consultants of Athens, LLP (in honor of Albert Santora, MD)

NorthShore University Health System CRNA’s (in honor of Dr. Joseph Szokol)

$200 to $749

Association of Anesthesiologist Assistant Education Program

Children’s of Alabama (in honor of Jennifer Dollar, MD)

Hawkeye Anesthesia, PLLC

UNC Student College of Clinical Pharmacy

Wichita Anesthesiology Chartered

ASA State Component Societies

$5,000 to $14,999

Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists

Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists

Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists

$2,000 to $4,999

California Society of Anesthesiologists

Connecticut State Society of Anesthesiologists

Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists

Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists

North Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

Washington State Society of Anesthesiologists

Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists

$750 to $1,999

Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists

District of Columbia Society of Anesthesiologists

Florida Society of Anesthesiologists

Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists

Illinois Society of Anesthesiologists

Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists

Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists

Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists

Nebraska Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists

Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists

Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists

Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists

South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists (in memory of Sigurdur S. Sigurdsson, MD)

$200 to $749

Arkansas Society of Anesthesiologists

Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists

Hawaii Society of Anesthesiologists

Maine Society of Anesthesiologists

Mississippi Society of Anesthesiologists

New Mexico Society of Anesthesiologists

Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists


$15,000 and Higher

Steven J. Barker, MD, PhD

James J. Lamberg, DO, FASA

Mary Ellen and Mark A. Warner

$5,000 to $14,999

Mrs. Isabel Arnone (in honor of Lawrence J. Arnone, MD, FACA)

Robert Bode, Jr., MD

Dr. Eric and Marjorie Ho

Thomas L. Warren, MD (in memory of Ursula Dyer, MD)

$2,000 to $4,999

Robert Caplan, MD (in honor of Mark Warner, MD)

Fred Cheney, MD

Jeffrey B. Cooper, PhD

Susan E. Dorsch, MD

Jeff Feldman, MD

Steven Greenberg, MD

Joshua Lea, CRNA (in honor of Maria van Pelt, PhD, CRNA)

Patty Mullen Reilly, CRNA

James M. Pepple, MD

Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler

Brian J. Thomas, JD

Joyce Wahr, MD

$750 to $1,999

Donald E. Arnold, MD, FASA

Douglas R. Bacon, MD, MA (in honor of Mark Warner)

Doug and Jen Bartlett

Allison Bechtel

Casey D. Blitt, MD

Daniel J. Cole, MD

Mrs. Jeanne and Robert A. Cordes, MD

Kenneth Cummings, MD

Karen B. Domino, MD

Thomas Ebert, MD

James and Patricia Eisenach

Kenneth Elmassian, DO, FASA (in memory of Dr. Archie Attarian)

David M. Gaba, MD and Deanna Mann

Drs. James and Lisa Grant

Beverly and Marty Greenberg (in honor of Dr. Steven Greenberg)

Alexander Hannenberg, MD (in honor of Mark A. Warner)

Allen Hyman, MD (in honor of Robert Epstein, MD)

Rebecca L. Johnson, MD

Catherine Kuhn, MD (in honor of Stephen Klein, MD, and Meredith Muncy, CRNA)

Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP

Lorri A. Lee, MD

Cynthia A. Lien

David P. Maguire, MD

Mark C. Norris, MD (in memory of Barbara Leighton, MD)

Parag Pandya, MD

May Pian-Smith, MD, MS (in honor of Jeffrey Cooper, PhD)

Gianna Pino Casini

Elizabeth Rebello, MD (in honor of Drs. Mark Warner and Jerome Adams)

Lynn Reede, CRNA

Stephen Skahen, MD

Marjorie Stiegler, MD

Dr. Donald C. Tyler

Stephanie Wolfe Heindel

$200 to $749

Arnoley Abcejo, MD

Rita Agarwal MD, FAAP, FASA

Aalok Agarwala, MD, MBA

Shane Angus, AA-C

Marilyn L. Barton (in memory of Darrell Barton)

John (JW) Beard, MD

William A. Beck, MD

David and Samantha Bernstein (in honor of Jeff Cooper)

K. Page Branam, MD (in memory of Donna M. Holder, MD)

Graham W Bullard

Bonnie and John Burkert

Matthew W Caldwell

Alexis Carmer

Michael Caldwell

Alexander Chaikin

Marlene V. Chua, MD

Jerry A. Cohen, MD

Heather Ann Columbano

Jeremy Cook, MD

Christian David Cunningham

John K. DesMarteau, MD

Andrew E. Dick, MD

Teresa Donart

Christine Doyle

Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA

Mike Edens and Katie Megan

Steven B. Edelstein, MD, FASA

Mary Ann and Jan Ehrenwerth, MD (in memory of Charles Cowles, MD)

Bola Faloye, MD

Thomas R Farrell, MD

John Fiadjoe (in memory of Rhonda Alexis)

Steven Frank

Anthony Frasca, MD

Ronald George, MD

James S. Gessner, MD

Ian J. Gilmour, MD

Carlos R Gracia, MD & Shauna O’Neill Gracia (in memory of Andrew A Knight, MD)

Linda K. Groah

Allen N. Gustin, MD

John F. Heath, MD

Eugenie Heitmiller

Thomas Hennig, MD (in honor of R K Stoelting, MD)

Michael Hofkamp

Steven K. Howard, MD

Jeffrey Huang, MD

Ken Johnson

Robert E. Johnstone, MD

Mark C. Kendall, MD (in honor of Joseph W. Szokol, MD)

Kevin King, DO

Ann Kinsey, CRNA

Goral Krishna, MD

Laurence A. Lang, MD

Michael C. Lewis, MD, FASA (in honor of David Birnbach MD)

Della M. Lin, MD

Robert Littlehale, MD

Dr. Martin London

Kevin and Janice Lodge

Michael Loushin

Elizabeth Malinzak

Fredric Matlin, MD

Edwin Mathews, MD

Stacey Maxwell

Gregory McComas, MD

James P. McMichael, MD (in memory of Howard Zauder MD)

William McNiece, MD

Sharon Merker, MD

Emily Methangkool, MD

Jonathan Metry

Tricia Meyer, PharmD

Michael D. Miller, MD

Sara Moser

Rashmi Mueller

David Murray, MD

Robert F. Olszewski, Jr, MD, FASA

Drs. Michael and Georgia Olympio

Ducu Onisei MD

Dr. Fredrick Orkin

Frank Overdyk, MD

Amy Pearson, MD

Michele Pelot, MD

Lee S. Perrin, MD

Janet Pittman, MD and Esther McKenzie, MD (in memory and honor of Aharon Gutterman, MD)

Paul Pomerantz

Cathleen Price

Richard Prielipp, MD

Aaron N. Primm, MD

Sheila Riazi

Dru Riddle

Drew Rodgers (in honor of Stan Strickland, MD)

David Rotberg, MD

Steven Sanford, JD

Brad and Allison Schneider (in honor of Dr. Steven Greenberg)

Scott Segal

Adam Setren, MD

David A. Shapiro, MD & Sharon L. Wheatley (in memory of Andrew Knight, MD)

Emily Sharpe, MD

Simanonok Charitable Giving Fund

Ty A. Slatton, MD, FASA

Ms. Sandra Kniess and David Solosko, MD

Michael D. Sparkuhl, MD, FACS

Brad Steenwyk

Robert K. Stoelting, MD

Steven L. Sween, MD (in honor of Drs. Mary Ellen and Mark Warner)

James F. Szocik, MD

Joseph W. Szokol, MD (in honor of Steven Greenberg, MD)

Paul Terna, MD

Ellen and Butch Thomas

Laurence and Lynn Torsher

James A. Totten, MD

Gregory Unruh

Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA (in honor of Jeffrey Cooper, PhD)

Bruce Van Dop

Andrea Vannucci, MD

Siva Sai Voora

Matthew B. Weinger, MD

Andrew Weisinger

Anne and Jim West, MD

Laura E. Whalen

Paul and Elizabeth Wheeler (in memory of Andrew Knight, MD)

G. Edwin Wilson, MD

Cynthia A Wong (in honor of Jeffrey Cooper)

Jennifer Woodbury

Shannon and Yan Xiao

Ziad Yafi

Legacy Society

Dan and Cristine Cole

Karma and Jeffrey Cooper

Marsha and John Eichhorn, MD

Burton A. Dole, Jr.

David Gaba, MD and Deanna Mann

Drs. Alex and Carol Hannenberg

Drs. Joy L. Hawkins and Randall M. Clark

Dr. Eric and Marjorie Ho

Drs. Michael and Georgia Olympio

Dr. Ephraim S. (Rick) and Eileen Siker

Robert Stoelting, MD

Mary Ellen and Mark Warner

Drs. Susan and Don Watson

Matthew B. Weinger, MD and Lisa Price


Note: Donations are always welcome. Donate online ( or mail to APSF, P.O. Box 6668, Rochester, MN 55903

(Donor List: current as of December 1, 2021)